Take Five

Prompts = Disc, Explore, Orbit

Photo by Ivan Dorofeev on Unsplash

While cleaning up the storage room of the bar, Bob found a stack of vinyl black discs of about 30cm in diameter. According to Neelix, the cat-shaped robot with massive historical database, these are ancient storage medium for music called “LP records”. As they weren’t satellites orbiting around the earth then, people couldn’t listen to music anywhere they want. Thus, they needed a storage medium and a player device. He explored the Mars Junkyard in search of necessary parts, and managed to build a rudimental record player. He placed one disc on it and turned it on.

Now they’re all hooked on sound of analogue jazz music.

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



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Midori Kawahara

To explore creativity with 100 (more or less) words with 3 prompt words and other inspirations.