Real Gig

Prompts = Sick, Tired, Erected

Photo by Lucas Alexander on Unsplash

The new jazz band “The Robotics” is getting better as they practice regularly. Bob the bartender is acting as their manager to secure the performance opportunities, which often involve children.

“Another kindergarten entertainment?! I’m sick and tired of it!!”, one robot complains.

“Bob, can you find a bit more adult oriented gig?”, another requests.

Bob came up with a brilliant idea.

He’s going to host a “Stripping Night” at his bar while The Robotics plays. He erected an extra-large signage advertising the event:

“All shapes and sizes welcome. Be free to strip away”

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



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Midori Kawahara

Midori Kawahara


To explore creativity with 100 (more or less) words with 3 prompt words and other inspirations.