Prompts = Misanthrope, Genteel, Problematic

Photo by Marijke van den Krommenacker on Unsplash

Mr. Backup robot who had to take over the control of the Mars-Earth shuttle due to sickness of the human pilot is a die-hard misanthrope. His problematic attitude started to emerge when he was on board a cargo vessel. The cargo vessels are usually un-manned, which he prefers. But on one occasion, a group of aid workers were on board for ‘humanitarian reason’.

Oh, those humans! They pretend to be genteel souls, but they talk, eat and defecate! And I had to clean them up! I prefer staying in the broom closet.

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



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Midori Kawahara

To explore creativity with 100 (more or less) words with 3 prompt words and other inspirations.