Mysterious Door

Prompts = Cheer, Comment, Click

Photo by Jim Romero on Unsplash

A storefront with three buttons is located at the downtown Mars Colony. Nobody knows what kind of services or products it’s offering.

It only says: Blue for Cheer, Yellow for Comment, and Red for Click.

A kid pushes the blue one, and a cheerful song by Cliff Richard blasts out. Another kid presses the yellow one, and a comment screen appears, so the kid types in “Nice!”, then the song plays again. Another kid was just about to press the red one, but a wise old man stops him as he’d heard about the past century’s B-movie with same title.

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



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Midori Kawahara

To explore creativity with 100 (more or less) words with 3 prompt words and other inspirations.