Prompts = Computer, Repair, Hell

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As always, Kenny is the last one to be notified when a new computer system needs to be developed. He is the head of IT department of the Mars Colony government. Apparently, Mr. Buzzer the governor had promised to implement a brand-new safety protocol database, and the launch date is next Monday.

“Hell No! It’s impossible to design, develop and test in a week!”, he screamed at Mr. Buzzer

“Kenny, I know you are resourceful. You can repair the old gun registry program a bit here and there, and package it as a safety database. Can’t you?”

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



Prompts = Abstain, Personnel, Demand

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The personnel department of the Mars Mining Consortium is inundated with inquiries. The department head, Mr. Cobre can’t figure out the sudden increase of applicants.

One day, a health and safety inspector has arrived and has demanded to talk to Mr. Cobre.

“Why on Mars, you have such loose protocols?!”

“What? What part is wrong?”
The inspector points to the offending line.

It said:

“..smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited. However, no one shall abstain from consuming edibles or oil..”

Mr. Cobre didn’t write this, but now he knows why so many wish to work for them.

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



Prompts = Port, Additional, Mode

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The officer Jamie receives a succinct notice from Earth;

“A known criminal might have landed on the Mars Colony. Be warned”

But it doesn’t contain any additional information such as type of crime, favored mode of transportation, or a photo. The Mars Shuttle Port has already stringent security measures in place. Therefore, importation of weapons is very unlikely.

“Who writes such a poor bulletin?”, he’s frustrated.

When he opens the station’s door, a dozen robots of all shapes and sizes are waiting for him.

They’ve said to Jamie that the culprit is trying to recruit them telepathically.

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



Prompts = Antagonize, Bun, Method

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The school principal ordered Jin to bake a dozen buns and take them to the math teacher, Mr. Calc and apologize.

Mr. Calc likes to keep his hair in man bun style. He was very conscious of his receding hair line, but very proud of…



Prompts = Platitude, Opulent, Enthralled

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Mr. Buzzer the Governor of the Mars Colony is aware of his reputation — too many boring speeches with too familiar platitudes. Thus, he decided to join a local Toastmaster club named “Sanctuary Speaking”. The meeting is held at the opulent spa named Sanctuary. But he was not aware that the club and the facility were for robots only. He was surprised when he was stopped at the door. The president of the club appeared,

“Oh, Mr. Governor. I’m enthralled to have you as a guest. You’re a supporter of robot rights, aren’t you?”

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



Prompts = Sly, Rose, Sat

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After another PR event, a young woman walked to the officer Jamie and slipped a piece of paper into his hand on the sly, and left.

He opens the paper and reads, ”NO SAT, Rose”

“What?? Is it a terrorist warning?”

Robbie the RoboCob inspects the letter.

“Maybe she wants you to come by with flowers but not on Saturday”

The woman rushes back and snatches the paper.

“Sorry guys! That was shopping list — nonalcoholic rosé wine for weekdays”

And she gives another paper and left.

“Sun, White”

“I think she wants you to come on Sunday with white wine”

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



Prompts = Diminish, Saturnine, Bother

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The officer Jamie took Robbie the RoboCop to the Mars Chambers of Commerce monthly meeting. Unlike children, it’s a tough crowd to please. They received only saturnine responses after demonstration.

An attendee asks, “Is it true that a RoboCob’s strength diminishes when its power reserve is less than 10%?”

“Nope. He’s fully functional until no power left”, Jamie answers.

After a few Q & A, mostly about his strength, Robbie stood up all of a sudden.

“It bothers me if you talk as if I’m not here. Please ask me a direct question!”

Nobody put a hand up.

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



Prompts = Program, Sweep, Protrude

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The household robot Artemis was sweeping the floor when the door bel rang.

“Hi, I’m from the Mars Robot Rejuvenation Program. Would you open the door?”, a man demands.

Artemis has never heard of such program.

“No, I cannot”

She was told not to open the door to the strangers.

“I just want to give you some information. Please load this one”

The man protrudes a memory stick through the mail slot.

She was tempted, but instead she pushes it back and offers a packet of gel drink for him. Unbeknown to him, it contains truth serum.

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



Prompts = Document, Retreat, Explicit

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“Document, please”,
a greeter robot in front of a business requests the customers to show their identification. This is a common sight at the Mars Colony. Not that there are many illegal residents here, but it is an explicit order by the authority due to recent rise in impersonation. Nowadays some robots look remarkably human-like, only way to distinguish them is to check their credentials. This is particularly crucial at “Sanctuary”, the Mars robot retreat where robots can relax and rejuvenate without being surrounded by humans.

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



Prompts = Cheer, Comment, Click

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A storefront with three buttons is located at the downtown Mars Colony. Nobody knows what kind of services or products it’s offering.

It only says: Blue for Cheer, Yellow for Comment, and Red for Click.

A kid pushes the blue one, and a cheerful song by Cliff Richard blasts out. Another kid presses the yellow one, and a comment screen appears, so the kid types in “Nice!”, then the song plays again. Another kid was just about to press the red one, but a wise old man stops him as he’d heard about the past century’s B-movie with same title.

(Prompts are courtesy of Parzival Sattva)



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